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In the 3-3 draw with Switzerland, the midfielder Kroos complet亚搏娱乐app官方网站ed his 100th game on behalf of the German tank. It has to be said that this is a proud record. In the history of the team, there are only 11 players. Have such a glory before. But on another level, as Germany is entering a renewal moment, Kroos, who is already 30 years old, will withdraw from the main force at this node and give way to young people. Perhaps it is time!


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It is undeniable that many fans like Tony Kroos very much. He has the tradition of German spirit and will, and is devoted to the court. Whether in Real Madrid or Germany, he can even be regarded as a legendary player. He is also not the main person responsible for the team's poor performance and inability to win Switzerland (defensive players and coaches should be held accountable). However, if the team wants to open a new chapter, they must have the courage to say goodbye to the generation of the 2014 World Cup.

不可否认,许多粉丝非常喜欢Tony Kroos。他具有德国精神和意志的传统,并致力于朝廷。无论是在皇马还是在德国,他都可以被视为传奇球员。他也不是球队糟糕的表现和无法赢得瑞士的主要责任人(防守球员和教练应追究责任)。但是,如果车队想要开启新的篇章,他们必须有勇气告别2014年世界杯。

In fact, Love is already doing this. When he resolutely removed Thomas Muller, Boateng, and Hummels Bayern from the national team last year, it showed his determination to reuse the younger generation. . However, reform requires thoroughness. Only then can a new chapter be opened, and the younger generation can completely let go of their hands and feet, take the initiative to take responsibility, and shout out their own voices. And when Loew continued to entrust Kroos in midfield, this hindered the development of the new generation to a certain extent, so it is time for Kroos to pass the torch in his hand to Gretzka and Kimmich. Up.

实际上,Love已经在这样做。去年,当他坚决将托马斯·穆勒(Thomas Muller),博阿滕(Boateng)和胡默斯·拜仁(Hummels Bayern)从国家队中撤出时,这表明了他决亚搏真人app下载苹果心重用年轻一代。 。但是,改革需要彻底。只有这样,才能开启新的篇章,年轻一代才能完全放开手脚,主动承担责任,大声疾呼。当勒夫继续在中场托付克鲁斯时,这在一定程度上阻碍了新一代的发展,因此现在是克鲁斯将手中的火炬传递给格雷茨卡和金米奇的时候了。向上。

Love's reform of the team, just like Germany's uninteresting results, is full of resistance and doubts. Hu Mei's stable performance in Dortmund, Muller and Boateng helped Bayern win the triple crown, has already made Loew deeply feel the pressure. If Kroos is removed at this time, it will undoubtedly usher in more fierce criticism. At the same time, the current team also reflects the negative effects of insufficient experience, insufficient energy concentration, and insufficient leadership after the veteran left.


Some people may even say that it is better to clean Neuer together. But fans should be aware that goalkeeper is a special position, and in this position, no other German goalkeeper can compete with it, even Ter Stegen. But Kroos is different. In the midfield position, Gretzka and Kimmich are enough to take on the heavy tasks.


Another point, although Cross's technical level and tactical awareness are still very strong, but for this German team that emphasizes more running ability, it has become a drag. Werner, Sane, Havertz, Gnabry's fast offense in the frontcourt is more adapted to the more athletic midfielders like Kimmich and Gretzka to provide support to maintain the team's rhythm.

还有一点,尽管克罗斯的技术水平和战术意识仍然很强,但是对于这支强调更多跑动能力的德国队来说,却成了拖累。 Werner,Sane,Havertz,Gnabry在前场的快速进攻更适合像Kimmich和Gretzka这样更具运动能力的中场球员,以提供支持以保持球队节奏。

Of course, German fans should give Kroos and his achievements recognition and cheers. But if Loew really wants the team to develop into a team with young people at the core, you might as well put Cross on the bench and let him be another role in the team there to provide his experience and play his leadership. In order to allow Germany to complete the update faster, waiting for the European Cup next year, the worrying mentality of German fans may be clear.




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