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[Tesla vice president responded to price cuts 6 times in 6 days: the original intention was to provide products with 亚搏真人app下载苹果better cost performance] This year's National Day is not comfortable for some Tesla owners. Tesla cut prices again after 5 months, and the entry-level Model 3 dropped to 249,900 yuan. Many car owners who have just picked up the car complained that they were cut "leeks." Within 6 days after the official announcement of the price cut, Tesla’s vice president of external affairs Tao Lin responded to the price cut 6 times through Weibo. On October 6, Tao Lin posted a post on Weibo in response to the price reduction, saying: "Thank you for sharing. I don’t ask for everyone’s understanding and recognition, but I hope everyone can believe that our original intention is indeed to let consumers have it. Better cost-effective products instead of maximizing your own profits."

[特斯拉(Tesla)副总裁在6天之内对降价做出了6次回应:最初的意图是提供具有更好性价比的产品]对于一些特斯拉车主来说,今年的国庆节不舒服。特斯拉在5个月后再次降价,入门级Model 3跌至249,900元。许多刚拿起车的车主抱怨说自己被割伤了“韭菜”。在正式宣布降价后的六天内,特斯拉对外事务副总裁陶林通过微博对降价做出了六次回应。 10月6日,陶林在微博上发帖回应降价,说:“谢谢大家的分享。我不要求大家的理解和认可,但我希望大家都可以相信我们的初衷确实是为了让消费者拥有它。更好的高性价比产品,而不是最大化自己的利润。”

On October 1, Tesla's official website in China showed that the Chinese-made Model 3 standard battery life upgraded version will be priced at 249,900 yuan after subsidies, and the Chinese-made Model 3 long-range rear-wheel drive version will be priced at 309,000 yuan after subsidies. Two models The prices were reduced by RMB 21,650 and RMB 34,1,500 respectively.

10月1日,特斯拉在中国的官方网站显示,中国制造的Model 3标准电池续航升级版在补贴后将定价为249,900元人民币,而中国制造的Model 3远程后轮驱动版本将定价为补贴后30.9万元。两种型号的价格分别降低了人民币21,650元和人民币34,1,500元。

In fact, Tesla has repeatedly adjusted prices. Take the domestically-produced standard battery life version Model 3 as an example. Since the starting price of this model was first announced in May last year of 328,000 yuan, the price has been reduced by nearly 80,000 yuan in the past one and a half years. .

实际上,特斯拉已经多次调整价格。以国内生产的标准电池寿命版本Model 3为例。自从去年5月首次宣布该型号的起价为32.8万元以来,在过去的一年半的时间里,价格已降低了近8万元。 。

Although Tesla’s price cuts are the norm, as soon as the news of the price cut came out, the owners who had just mentioned the car instantly fry the pot, and Tesla’s official Weibo is full of dissatisfied comments from the owners. Some car owners said that they destroyed their good mood for National Day, some car owners asked to return the car, some car owners asked for free charging and other rights...


On the evening of October 1, Tao Lin responded to the “National Day official announcement of price cuts” on Weibo for the first time, stating that Tesla’s vision is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy, and Tesla is committed to enabling more people to enjoy high performance and full intelligence. Zero-emission electric vehicles. Tesla's direct sales model makes the price system open and transparent, and consumers will be notified of any price changes as soon as possible. In response to this price adjustment, car owners who meet the 7-day confidence guarantee plan will be given a 3-year free overcharge usage right.


At 23:00 on the same day, Tao Lin once again issued an article saying: "1. Continue to enhance the product strength, while the price is more affordable, and everything is open and transparent. 2. Maintain a falsely high public price, and the actual transaction price is through various explicit or implicit The method is lowered, and the price of the product that everyone buys is different. Which is more difficult? The first is strength, and the second is routine. The automobile industry has too many sales methods for so many years, and we want to use the most frank and direct The way to break this routine. Ultimately, most consumers will benefit."

当天凌晨23:00,陶林再次发表文章说:“ 1。继续增强产品强度,价格更实惠,一切都是公开透明的。2.维持虚假的公开价格,而实际的交易价格是通过各种显式或隐式的方法降低的,并且每个人购买的产品的价格都不同,哪个更困难?第一个是强度,第二个是常规,汽车工业也有这么多年以来,我们有很多销售方式,我们想用最坦率,最直接的方式打破这一常规。最终,大多数消费者将从中受益。”

The above response did not get the car owners' understanding. Some car owners commented: "Everyone is not angry because of t亚搏娱乐app官方网站he price cut, but because the whole process is opaque and suddenly cut the price, so many car owners who could have offered the car at a more favorable price to mention the car at a high price. "

上述答复并未引起车主的理解。一些车主评论说:“每个人都不为降价而生气,但由于整个过程不透明,突然降价,所以许多本来可以以更优惠的价格提价的车主提价。高价。 ”

As for the compensation for customers who only purchase cars within 7 days, Tao Lin responded on October 2 that the time limit for returns and exchanges for online sales is basically 7 days, which is a reasonable time limit agreed in the industry. "In the automotive industry, implementing the 7-day confidence guarantee plan is actually not an easy decision. It requires manufacturers to pay a huge cost behind them. This is why most car manufacturers and dealers have not introduced this measure. We treat ourselves We have full confidence in the power of our products and sincerely hope to give customers a better experience. But once the rules are established, they must be followed by all, and all consumers will ultimately benefit."

至于仅在7天内购买汽车的客户的赔偿,陶林在10月2日回答说,网上销售退货和换货的期限基本上是7天,这是业内商定的合理期限。 “在汽车行业,实施7天信心保证计划实际上不是一个容易的决定。这要求制造商付出巨大的代价。这就是为什么大多数汽车制造商和经销商没有采用这一措施的原因。我们善待自己我们对我们产品的功能充满信心,并衷心希望为客户提供更好的体验。但是亚搏娱乐app官方网站,一旦制定了规则,则所有人必须遵守这些规则,最终所有消费者都将从中受益。”

As for not prompting the price reduction in advance, Tao Lin posted on Weibo at 7:58 on October 3 to explain that, except for a very small number of employees who participated in the price calculation, all colleagues and consumers were informed about price adjustments at the same time, so they really would not There are situations where staff deliberately conceal and mislead consumers.


"Price adjustment is a highly confidential work that requires repeated calculations. Only a very small number of people participate. What we can do is to prepare internal procedures as soon as the final confirmation and inform everyone as soon as possible, because there will be a batch of recent car pickups whenever it is announced. Consumers are affected. There are many car owners among Tesla employees, and many employees just mentioned their new cars in September. They apply the same price policy as ordinary consumers." Tao Lin on Weibo Said in.


At 14:00 on the same day, Tao Lin once again tweeted that most of them were car owners within a month of mentioning the car. She felt that although she understood the price adjustment and liked Tesla products, she was really uncomfortable and hoped that Compensation, try our best to respond to the team one by one.


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